Do you wish to advertise your products and services to potential customers successfully? Digital signage is a great option in such circumstances. Displaying stories, adverts, information, and other business material through digital signage is becoming more common. In 2021, the digital signage industry was worth around $23.12 billion worldwide. From 2022 to 2030, it is predicted to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 7.7%. Because of this, businesses began to use digital signs much more often. One of the finest features is that you can use an Android TV boxes to manage your digital signage.

When it comes to digital screens, it is easy to get started with them. You can go with Android due to its flexibility and relatively modest entry price. The answer to your problem with digital signage may have been staring at you in the face the whole time: Google’s Android TV platform.

To use Android TV digital signage, you will need TV box or stick, a screen, and a software solution designed for digital signage. You have already accomplished the first step by purchasing an Android TV. You can set up your player directly via the television if you have an Android TV since it comes pre-loaded with access to Google’s Play Store.

The Android TV is a comprehensive system that uses this configuration and consists of the Android device, digital signage player and screen. It is a good concept since it is simple to use, but you may discover that it is more cost-effective to design the system out of different components; if your Android TV breaks down, you will need to fix or replace the whole gadget, not just one element. But why are Android TVs quickly becoming the device of choice when establishing digital signage? It is sufficient to consider them a member of your company for the five reasons listed below.

1. All-in-one solution

It is important to remember that once you have an Android TV display, you will no longer need any more external devices. It is a solution that covers all bases. SoC, which stands for “system-on-chip,” is another name for this kind of solution. You only need to download the digital signage app of your choice from Google Play and follow the on-screen instructions to convert your television into a display that can be controlled from a distant location in a matter of minutes. That is helpful.

2. Flexibility

Android TV boxes provide flexibility that is not available with other digital signage systems. It makes them an attractive alternative since you can access a vast selection of applications and content from the Google Play Store using an Android TV box.

Android TV

It will let you personalize your digital signage to meet your particular requirements. You can also add bespoke applications, giving you more control over your digital signs.

3. A plethora of devices

Because the Android platform is so widely distributed, it may surprise you how popular it is, especially compared to other operating systems like Windows or Linux. Although it has been used in many portable devices and TVs for a considerable time, Android is most often linked with smartphones.

There is a wide variety of choices accessible to you if you are considering integrating Android TV into your business. On the open market, there is a good chance that these Android TV devices will continue to gain popularity. Because of the power and market domination of the Android platform, which software developers can leverage for digital signage, a simple off-the-shelf device has the potential to be converted into an eye-catching digital display.

4. Price

Android TV platform offers a cost-effective alternative for the deployment of digital signage. Beginning with Android digital signage on low-cost devices is straightforward, and you probably already own all of the necessary items. The availability of a huge number of devices and screens compatible with Android has resulted in competitive pricing and a wide variety of products to choose from.

In addition, you won’t have to worry about ongoing fees associated with upkeep. These televisions and other electronic gadgets are designed to operate reliably for a considerable time, even in harsh environments. Checking out the cost of digital signage is a good idea if you want a better idea of how much money you may need to put away. Make sure you choose a solution that is both beneficial to your company and inexpensive.


5. You will be able to keep ahead of the competition

Although there are other options for digital signage, the Android platform is now the best choice for several reasons. Users have a favorable opinion of various other services, including those that operate on Windows and Linux. When digital signage software was originally presented, these Windows and Linux-powered systems were the standards. Most developers employed them to design solutions for their clients using digital signage software. Nevertheless, a significant amount of progress has been made in recent years.

Over time, the shortcomings of this digital signage software, which was compatible with Windows and Linux, became more apparent. As the severity of these issues increased, programmers looked for an alternate solution and came upon Android as the solution they were looking for. Customers that use software solutions for digital signs benefit in various ways due to the widespread use of the Android platform, which has emerged as the de facto standard for software developers.

Since companies won’t have to pay for operating system licensing, they will have more money and resources for better and more profitable operational campaigns. Because there are already so many Android devices, there are almost infinite growth opportunities.

Android TV boxes are an excellent choice to consider if you are searching for a functional and economical method to power your digital signage. Android TV boxes simplify the process of taking your digital signage to the next level because of their adaptability, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. If you haven’t already transitioned to Android, now is the time. Android could be a good alternative for your digital signage if you need a few screens or if you will be utilizing them sparingly.