One of the keys to success as a personal trainer is inspiring your clients to work harder. As you probably already know, inspiration is a must if your customers want to get out of their sedentary ruts, adopt healthier routines, and continue working with you. Suppose you manage a gym and are concerned about member retention. In that case, you should know that motivation and adherence research found that as many as 50% of new fitness program participants quit within the first six months.

Two possible departure points may be seen: There are two ways to get people to the gym: 1) by physically dragging them there (not recommended); and 2) by keeping them occupied while they are there, which may boost their drive. Therefore, to stimulate gym-goers, here are five strategies that you can use in conjunction with several advanced technologies:

1. Use social networking to connect with people

In all, there are 4.2 billion individuals who use social media regularly. It provides you with several opportunities to interact with customers. Connecting with customers on social media may inspire them and keep them returning. Clients may encourage others by posting “exercise selfies” in response to the challenges you arrange.

You may still benefit from social media if you don’t know anybody at the gym but follow the official page. If you didn’t make it to class today but hope to see you soon, say so. Always abide by the social media site’s business account policies while utilizing the network for official purposes.

2. Make the most out of digital displays

Repeatedly showing the same programming at a gym might be more of a deterrent than an inspiration to get in shape. Regular gym-goers are an ideal audience for the information shown on these displays. In 2017, the 128-gym U.S. fitness chain Life Time Fitness concluded that airing cable news was counterproductive in encouraging members to lead better lifestyles, prohibiting the practice across all facilities.

The news has the potential to either distract or irritate members of the group. Still, it also has the potential to operate as an information radiator, disseminating useful little bits of knowledge. With the tips above in mind, you can make a Playlist or Channel that will benefit your screens and your members. For instance, with digital signage, you can have motivational fitness displays encouraging your clients to push them further.

tv on the wall

3. Go Virtual

As the epidemic kept many individuals from leaving the house, many skipped regular gym sessions. They may see no need to keep their membership if they aren’t using the facility, so they cancel it. To remain competitive in today’s market, your fitness facility must include virtual reality training in its offerings. It would help if you looked for trainers open to face-to-face and virtual instruction.

There are also a few key ways that going virtual can help keep your gym members motivated:

  • It can help them stay accountable. When people work out at home, skipping a session or two (or more) can be easy. But if they’re paying for virtual membership, they’re more likely to ensure they’re getting their money’s worth by working out regularly. This accountability can be a big motivator.
  • It can give them a sense of community. Just because people work out at home doesn’t mean they have to do it alone. Virtual gyms can offer a sense of community and support that can be motivating.
  • It can provide variety. Doing the same workout day after day can get pretty dull. But with a virtual gym, there’s always something new to try. This variety can help keep people motivated to keep coming back for more.
  • It can be more convenient. Working out at home can be a massive perk for busy people. Virtual gyms make it possible to work out on your schedule, which can be a big motivator.
  • It can save money. Gym memberships can be expensive, and virtual memberships are often more affordable. It can be a big motivator for people who want to get in shape but are on a budget.

With the right solution going virtual shouldn’t be a problem. You’ll get in touch with your clients remotely, translating into a long-term relationship.

4. Make intrinsic goals key

Regular gym-goers seem to have an underlying feature of being naturally driven. Those who attend to fulfill that goal because summer is approaching and those driven by an excellent membership bargain are said to be extrinsically driven. Inspire them both.

In 2011, researchers showed that compared to individuals who established extrinsic objectives, those whose focus was inside had more happiness and experienced far less stress. Those driven by internal factors were likelier to continue working out over time. Therefore, the intrinsic may catalyze the extrinsic. Customers’ user-generated material, such as Instagram and Facebook postings, may be shown on your digital displays in a mode of social media walls utilizing programs like and Taggbox. You can also display user ratings from sites like Google and Yelp to entice potential new customers.

5. Utilize mobile fitness apps

Personal trainers may use simple, powerful, and effective solutions like apps to boost client motivation. Technology simplifies our daily lives and is essential for personal trainers to keep their customers motivated.

Utilize mobile fitness apps

An app may help you monitor your customers’ requirements and development. You may inspire your customer to reach their fitness objectives with the app’s in-depth messaging system.

Keeping in mind their objectives, planning ahead for obstacles, and keeping up good communication are just a few ways a personal trainer may motivate their clients. These are the pillars upon which the career of every competent fitness instructor rests. If you haven’t already included these concepts in your training programs, you should. They will make it much simpler to keep your customers engaged through their health journey.

Every time they step foot in the gym, your customers need to re-stoke their fire for fitness. They may or may not be successful on certain days. You may feel like you’re taking one stride ahead with them and then two steps back when they fall off the wagon. Fortunately, you’ll be there for them no matter what comes their way, cheering them on as they triumph over adversity and sharing their achievements’ joy.