Digital signage has continued to gain popularity in recent years, and for a good reason. It allows businesses to communicate easily with customers and employees in real-time, making it a powerful tool for marketing, advertising and internal communication. One of the latest trends in digital signage is the use of cloud-based systems. This article will discuss the main features and advantages of cloud-based digital signage.

What is cloud-based digital signage?

Cloud-based digital signage refers to using a digital signage system hosted on a remote server and accessed via the internet. It is in contrast to traditional digital signage systems, typically installed on-premises, and requires a dedicated server and IT support to maintain.

Main features of cloud-based digital signage

· Remote management

One of the biggest advantages of cloud-based digital signage is managing and updating content remotely. It means businesses can change their digital signage displays from anywhere, anytime, without physically accessing the screen. It’s especially useful for companies with multiple locations, as it allows them to easily update their displays across the board from a single site.

With remote management, businesses can also set up automation to ensure that updates are pushed out on schedule, and that content is always up-to-date. Furthermore, the remote control also allows businesses to monitor their digital signage performance, troubleshoot any issues and analyze user engagement data to optimize their content and maximize the return on their investment.

· Real-time updates

Another advantage of cloud signage is the ability to make real-time updates to the content on display. It is especially useful for businesses that must quickly communicate important information to customers or employees, such as inclement weather closures, special promotions, or emergency alerts.

· Scalability

Cloud-based digital signage systems are also highly scalable, meaning that businesses can easily add or remove displays as needed. It plays a significant role in rapidly expanding or downsizing businesses, allowing them to easily adjust their digital signage needs without investing in new hardware or IT support.

· Cost-effective

Cloud-based digital signage is also a cost-effective solution for businesses. Since the system is hosted on a remote server, companies do not need to invest in expensive hardware or IT support to maintain it. Additionally, cloud-based systems typically offer subscription-based pricing, which can be more budget-friendly for businesses than traditional systems.


· Multi-user access

Digital signage solutions hosted in the cloud often enable many users to view and control the material shown on the screen. As such, it is much simpler for companies to work together and divide the responsibilities of developing and maintaining content among themselves. In addition, it allows companies to assign special rights to each user, limiting the number of individuals who can modify the information to a predetermined group.

· Integration with other systems

Cloud-based digital signage systems may also be combined with other types of software, including customer relationship management, social media, and analytics platforms. It enables companies to show data that has been pulled in easily from other systems on their digital signage displays, making the experience more dynamic and tailored for both consumers and staff.

Advantages of cloud-based digital signage

· Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of cloud-based digital signage is its flexibility. Businesses can easily update their content and make changes to their displays without physically accessing the screen itself. It is a great option for companies with multiple locations, as they can easily update their content across all areas from a single site.

· Easy to use

Cloud-based digital signage system are also easy to use. They typically have a user-friendly interface, making it easy for businesses to create and update content without IT support. Cloud-based digital signage systems often have pre-made templates that companies can use to create visually appealing content quickly. Many of these systems also provide access to a library of stock images and videos, so businesses don’t have to create content from scratch. Some cloud-based digital signage systems also offer analytics, allowing you to track viewership and engagement.

· Cost savings

Another advantage of cloud-based digital signage is the cost savings it offers. Since the system is hosted on a remote server, businesses can use less expensive hardware or IT team to maintain it. Also, in terms of payments it usually comes as a SaaS subscriptions, so you can pay as you go.

· Better analytics

Cloud-based digital signage systems also provide better analytics and reporting capabilities. With this, businesses can easily track how their digital signage is performing, monitor the number of views and see what content is most popular.

Thanks to such analytics, businesses can ensure that the content they display is relevant and engaging to their target audiences. They can also quickly identify areas for improvement and adjust their campaigns accordingly to maximize their digital signage’s effectiveness. Additionally, businesses can use these analytics to measure the ROI of their digital signage investment and make more informed decisions about strategies for future campaigns.

· Easy integration

Cloud-based digital signage can be easily integrated with other systems, such as CRM, social media, and analytics platforms. It allows businesses to seamlessly pull in data from other systems and display it on their digital signage displays, providing a more dynamic and personalized experience for customers and employees. Businesses also get an opportunity to automate their digital signage content, which helps to save time and reduce the need for manual updates.

Furthermore, cloud-based digital signage can be easily integrated with other communication and marketing channels, such as email, SMS and push notifications, making it easier for businesses to reach out to their customers with relevant and timely content. It can help you to increase engagement and loyalty, ultimately driving more sales.

· Security

Cloud-based digital signage systems are also generally more secure than traditional systems. They are typically housed in secure data centers and protected by multiple security layers. It gives businesses greater peace of mind knowing that their digital signage content is protected from potential security breaches.


Cloud-based digital signage offers great convenience and flexibility to businesses with its range of features and advantages in terms of cost, scalability and ease of use. By leveraging the power of cloud computing to streamline processes, businesses can maximize their potential and gain a competitive edge. Take the plunge and make cloud-based digital signage a part of your business operations today to unlock opportunities!