Consumers will always quickly look at your menus before beginning the decision-making process. Your signage, whether printed on paper or shown on a digital screen, is one of the most significant assets in your restaurant. Digital menu boards, when used effectively, provide a cost-effective approach to help you minimize the amount of time that consumers feel they will have to wait and improve foot traffic. This piece will cover why digital menu boards in fast food restaurants work:

Reducing perceived wait times

Waiting for food to be prepared after you have placed an order might make the passage of time seem to drag. It is when you begin to feel frustrated and angry with the service you have received. Digital menu boards efficiently divert consumers’ attention from the wait since they provide eye-grabbing visual stimulation and regular motion. According to a 2016 Impax Media Study, 84 percent of consumers agree that it helps to watch video ads on digital screens as they pass the time while waiting in line. Customers’ expectations of how long they have to wait to get their purchases will decrease, and they will be more likely to be happy overall.

Simple to manage and respond quickly

Fast food restaurants of the modern day need agility to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape and the preferences of the younger generation. When your firm has to change its signs and get them to various places quickly, you may have challenges doing so with conventional signage. Here’s where the convenience of digital menu boards comes in.

Digital menu boards are a convenient and easy way for company owners to change their menu, such as pricing and availability, or to introduce new sales and promotional events. All a company owner needs is a cloud-based platform that allows them to adjust their digital menu boards from any place at any time. The system can instantly update several nodes without a central server or human intervention.

Providing incredible animation with sharp detail and vivid colors

A Nielsen Norman Group study has found that customers are more likely to pay attention to anything moving, even if it is just slightly visible in the corner of their eye. You can show high-resolution images and videos with your digital menu boards, including custom menu designs, eye-catching animations and vivid color. Make sure your digital menu boards stand out from the crowd with the help of a talented graphic design team.

sharp detail and vivid colors

Keep brand image consistent

Maintaining a unified brand image is crucial to commercial success. You must maintain consistency across all of your branding materials and communications. If the menus at each site are meant to be consistent, mistakes there will leave consumers confused and unimpressed. You can avoid this issue with menu boards for fast food.

Software for digital menu boards has the advantages of being flexible, simple to update, and fast to implement. Each menu item in any place may be updated simultaneously across all displays. You build trust with your target audience and create lasting impressions by maintaining brand uniformity.

To influence the purchasing decisions of customers

According to ResearchGate, over 30% of consumers assert that digital menus impact their buying decision. Digital menu boards have the potential to attract consumers’ attention and promote menu items more efficiently than printed sign boards, which are restricted in both content and graphics. Images, videos and animated effects may be used to showcase limited-time specials, special promotions and best-selling products to whet clients’ appetites and drive sales. Customers would appreciate knowing the components and calorie counts of the foods they are considering purchasing.

Helps time promotions correctly

Digital menu displays allow you to communicate successfully with consumers at the right moment and with various marketing and promotional information, unlike conventional static menu boards. You can inform clients about limited-time specials, discounts, and menu items.

Also, with the scheduled publication, you can quickly prepare for an upcoming holiday and new product campaigns months in advance. The information will automatically be uploaded to the digital menu boards at the right time. If you do this, you can ensure your seasonal promotions always hit the right time to maximize your earnings.

It helps keep the lines moving

At a quick-service restaurant with a static menu, you’ll often encounter clients who are undecided about what they want to eat. A3M report shows that customers process visuals 60,000 times faster compared to texts. Using digital menu boards enables you to showcase your offerings with a streamlined design and eye-catching pictures. By having more data, consumers can make better-informed choices, which will shorten the waiting time. For instance, thanks to fast food drive-thru menu boards, customers can gain all the necessary information and streamline the ordering process.

Create time-of-day-dependent automatic menus

Using digital menu boards, you can save time and effort when you change your fast food restaurant menus to reflect the time of day and the day of the week. If a digital signage software can execute the job more efficiently and with greater accuracy, why bother doing it yourself? You can schedule automatic menu changes to reflect the time of day, such as when breakfast, lunch, and supper are served, when you have the right software platform. Never again will you have to depend on a human to make menu changes or fret about accidentally showing your menus at the incorrect moment.

time-of-day-dependent automatic menus

Digital menu boards easy with LOOK

Digital menu boards are an absolute must-have for fast food establishments. It helps to carefully consider all the factors involved to get the most out of digital menu boards for your fast food restaurant. Now you should have a firm grasp of the inner workings of digital menu boards. Whole solution providers are available for consultation if there is uncertainty about how to implement digital menu boards in a restaurant. Look DS professionals can build a comprehensive strategy just for you, so contact now.