Digital signage is a powerful and dynamic tool to enhance the guest experience and promote hotel services. The signage can provide guests with relevant information and promote your brand. Digital signage offers many applications that can improve guest satisfaction and help hotels stay competitive in the ever-evolving hospitality industry. Below is why hotels invest in digital signage and how to utilize it to boost their revenue, cut expenses, and reach out to their audience.

Reasons to invest in hotel signage

Hotels continue to invest in signage to engage with guests, promote their brand, and increase revenue. There are several reasons why hotels do that. From wayfinding and event promotion to restaurant menus and local attraction information, digital signage can provide guests with the relevant and up-to-date information they need to make the most of their stay.

Additionally, hotel signage has a high potential for revenue generation. You can use it to promote hotel amenities, special deals, and local attractions and activities. Hotels can increase revenue and drive guest engagement by highlighting these offerings on advertising displays. Additionally, digital signage can promote in-house dining and retail options, increasing sales and profits.

Overall, digital signage is a dynamic tool that hotels can use to improve the guest experience, promote their brand and increase revenue. As the hospitality industry becomes increasingly competitive, investing in digital signage can be a smart and effective way for hotels to stay ahead of the curve and provide guests with a memorable and engaging experience.

How to use digital signage for hotels

How effectively you use digital signage in your hotel business can significantly be replicated in your success story. Below, learn ways you can employ digital signage to obtain a competitive advantage.

Event guide and conference directory

When hosting hotel events and conferences, you can use digital signage to give guests easy access to information and improve organization and communication. It also allows hotels to display dynamic and actual  information you can update in real-time. Additionally, you can use lobby signage to facilitate efficient communication and easy access to information. Hotels can improve guest satisfaction and create a more memorable event or conference experience when guests are provided with clear and comprehensive information. Whether hosting a small meeting or a large conference, digital signage can help empower the way guests are able to get the most out of your facility.

Offer virtual concierge services

Guests can easily access information about local attractions, transportation options, and hotel amenities when your hotel incorporates interactive screens in lobbies and use guest room signage. Virtual concierge services can also allow guests to book reservations at restaurants and attractions, arrange transportation services and eliminate the need for guests to spend time on research and planning their activities.

You can also use digital signage to display personalized messages for guests, such as welcome messages upon arrival or reminders about scheduled events. This message can make guests feel valued and appreciated. Additionally, hotel signage can display important information, such as emergency alerts or changes in hotel policies, to ensure that guests are informed and up-to-date.

In-house promotion and advertising


In-house promotion and advertising using digital displays can be effective tools for hotels to increase revenue. With digital signage, you can easily update and customize your promotions and advertisements to suit your needs. For instance, a hotel might display information about a special package deal during a slow period or promote on-site dining options during peak meal times. Eye-catching graphics and visuals can capture guests’ attention and encourage them to engage with the display information.

Upsell your menu

Through attractive displays, hotels can showcase their menu to make them look more appetizing and tempting, which can increase the likelihood of guests ordering more items. Digital menu boards have attractive imagery and descriptions which can help showcase each dish or drink’s unique features and benefits to appeal to guests. Additionally, you can use digital signage to provide information about the sourcing and preparation of your menu items to increase the meal’s perceived value. Digital signage, with the right strategy and placement, can increase revenue and enhance the guest experience.

Expedite check-in and check-out

The check-in process can be tedious and time-consuming for hotel guests, especially during peak travel times. Hotels can use informational signage to provide guests with the necessary information to complete the check-in process quickly and efficiently. You can also use it to display check-in instructions, including check-in and check-out times, which can eliminate confusion and delays. Additionally, digital signage can display promotional content during the check-in process, which can help attract an additional revenue for your hotel. Hotels can leverage the power of digital signage to streamline the check-in process and provide guests with a seamless and enjoyable experience.

Streamline orientation and navigation


Streamline orientation and navigation involves displaying information about the hotel’s amenities and services clearly and concisely. You can use wayfinding signage to provide directions to various hotel parts such as the lobby, restaurant, pool, gym and spa. Additionally, this can provide information on the local area, such as nearby attractions or events, and promote the hotel’s special offers and promotions.

You can place your signage at a strategic place to help guests easily navigate their way around the property. The screens can include a map of the hotel premises with directional arrows and interactive displays that provide guests with additional information on hotel services and multilingual options to cater to guests who speak different languages. Furthermore, you can incorporate QR codes to allow guests to access information on their mobile devices and provide a seamless user experience.


To sum up, digital signage is an effective and engaging tool for hotels to communicate with guests. It also helps hotels to increase revenue through up-selling and cross-selling options. But be note that you will definitely need to use a professional digital signage software  to manage your screens centrally and efficiently. Look DS service can become a brilliant choice in this case. Its flexible Layout Designer and intuitive drag-and-drop interface make creating hotel signage that captures your hotel’s unique style and messages easy. The demo display feature allows your hotel staff to preview the digital signage content in a separate tab on their web browser, to ensure you convey your message accurately and effectively. Play around with all mentioned functionalities along with other useful Look features within 14-day Free trial to make sure this is the right solution for your business.