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LCD Display: Definition and Top 5 Benefits of Placing Them on Bus Stops

Are you familiar with LCD displays? An LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is a technology that uses liquid crystal substances to display images without producing any light. Outdoor LCD displays have numerous advantages, especially when installed at bus stops. In this article, we’ll cover the top five benefits of placing an outdoor LCD display on bus stops and the advantages of Signonix’s outdoor LCD display.

Top 5 Benefits of Placing Outdoor LCD Display on Bus Stops

  1. Provide Bus Information: With an outdoor digital signage display at a bus stop, you can share useful information to help passengers and pedestrians plan their schedules. This information includes bus numbers, bus routes, departure times, arrival times, vacant seats, fare packages, and more.
  2. Show Traffic Information: Another benefit of using an outdoor LCD display at a bus stop is that you can display helpful traffic information to help passengers decide their routine. Your LCD display can show traffic information, allowing passengers to understand if the bus will be delayed or not.
  3. Play Commercial Advertisement: You can also use outdoor LCD displays to play commercial advertisements. These displays provide an opportunity to promote brands, services, or goods to people waiting at the bus stop. Companies can easily reach customers outside their homes with OOH (out-of-home) advertising.
  4. Play Public Service Advertisement: Outdoor LCD displays can play public service ads to help people establish correct values and build a civilized city. These messages can range from health-related public messages to safety precautions for crossing the roads.
  5. Promote Urban Culture: Lastly, you can use these LCD displays to promote urban culture in the right way. Well-designed videos and presentations can positively emphasize the architecture, beliefs, values, and customs of specific towns, cities, and urban areas. It bridges any modern gaps between urban and modern culture and establishes a sense of oneness among people.

Advantages of Signonix Outdoor LCD Display

Signonix LCD advertising display options are among the best in the market right now. Companies can take advantage of high brightness LCD displays and advertise their products in the right way without sacrificing the quality of the videos. These displays are ideal for transportation, retail, and hospitality ventures and will easily advertise your intended message, goods, or services to the public without crowding the space. Here are some of the benefits of Signonix’s LCD displays:

  • High-Brightness Displays
  • Ideal for Different Outdoor Environments
  • Approved by the German TUV Laboratory
  • EMC and ETL Certified
  • Maximize Customer Engagement Instantly
  • Durable Structure
  • Highly Versatile Options
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Remote Management
  • Custom-Fit Solutions

Signonix’s LCD displays are durable, versatile, and can be customized according to your unique requirements. With these displays, you can take your business to the next level.