Digital signage can improve customer service, promos, and brand recognition by displaying public information, conveying internal communication, or sharing product information. Once you have established an omnichannel communication plan, you can show content on video walls, bus shelter signage, kiosks and mobile devices.

Installing or improving a digital signage network requires the cooperation of one or more digital signage players or manufacturers. Due to the multifaceted nature of digital signage, several vendors provide specialized services. So, which digital signage companies offer the finest products and services to meet your needs? This piece covers some of the best digital signage hardware manufacturers you can rely on in 2023.

Digital displays manufacturers


The effectiveness of your digital signage advertising strategy will depend heavily on the quality of your display screens. With a perfect display, your brand’s message may reach more people, inspire more action from your target audience, and ultimately generate more revenue. The following are some of the leading digital display manufacturers your business should be looking up to in 2023:


Samsung has pioneered the digital signage industry and is now one of the top suppliers of digital signage panels globally. Samsung, a company making electronics since the 1930s, has the resources and experience to produce various digital signage displays. With more than 30% of the worldwide TV market, Samsung is a brand that is likely already present in your workplace.


For commercial displays, LG Electronics has you covered with specialized options for various industries. Products like the 86 and 88-inch Ultra Stretch displays, the biggest selection of 4K UHD displays, outdoor displays, software platforms, and more are just a few examples of LG’s unique contributions to the digital signage market.

Regarding high-impact installations like navigation, dynamic advertising, and information boards, LG provides everything you may need to make digital signage a breeze. It is one of the digital signage companies able to provide a wide range of multi-utility solutions because of its solid partnerships with major distributors, software integrators and content creators, which allow it to handle the necessary logistics and offer comprehensive service and support for all of its products.


Sony’s professional screen lineup includes displays of varying sizes and resolutions (up to 4K) to accommodate various uses. These displays are equipped with advanced LCD, HDR, and OLED display technologies, making them ideal for digital signage, screen mirroring, and other professional solutions thanks to their high-definition (HD) picture quality, simple controls, a wide range of compatibility, and low total cost of ownership.



Each company and circumstance has its unique qualities. Philips is dedicated to meeting the needs of each consumer. They combine high-quality commercial-grade displays, feature-rich software and cutting-edge technological innovation to facilitate best-practice system integration. It includes everything from how consumers initially feel about the brand, what they do when encountering it, and how devoted they become.


AG Neovo offers LCD monitors designed specifically for digital billboards. Three-year guarantee from this digital signage factory proves that their products are of commercial quality. Their expertise extends to a wide range of video walls, kiosk digital signage, and wayfinding projects for venues such as hotels, restaurants, malls, airports, and businesses. Neovo provides you with 4k resolution for your digital signage needs.


Elo provides a robust, business-ready solution that leverages the features and capabilities of GoogleTM Play Services. With Elo’s Android-powered devices and unified architecture, you can easily provide a consistent experience for your consumers across all touchpoints, from their mobile phones to your in-store interactive displays.

The I-Series was designed specifically for various installation types, and it can now be found worldwide in places like retail stores, airports, hotels and even corporate offices.


Leyard is unrivaled in its dedication to developing cutting-edge, high-quality display technology. Leyard provides one of the best visualization solutions for a broad spectrum of challenges worldwide in vertical markets through advancements in video walls, big format LED screens, and touch interaction. If you want to install a digital signage board, Leyard may be an ideal solution.


ViewSonic differentiates itself by providing one of the best-in-class picture performances adapted to each application’s requirements. Products provide unrivaled performance, durability, dependability, and value in challenging settings and uses. ViewSonic’s devices are built with flexibility, so they can be used in various settings, from digital signs to control rooms to corporate offices, with no effort. As a result of their adaptability and flexibility, they can make an excellent business partner.

Digital signage players manufacturers

One of the most important things for a business brand to invest in when beginning to use digital signage is a digital signage player. However, finding the right signage media player for your business may be challenging due to the abundance of digital signage technology devices on the market. Luckily, here are a few examples you can consider:


Digital signage media players from BrightSign LLC are among the best on the market. The company produces media players and offers free global software and networking services for the commercial digital signage industry.

Their newest Series 5 products are meticulously crafted to provide the most remarkable digital signage experiences. Whether you need a simple setup or a scalable network with thousands of users, BrightSign might be your solution.


SpinetiX has developed one of the first hypermedia player systems aimed squarely at the digital signage industry. This ground-breaking technology allows you to easily plan, combine, stream, update, animate, and show video, audio, graphics, and texts on any digital video display at minimal acquisition and operating costs.

The SpinetiX digital signage players have a tiny, dependable, and eco-friendly embedded system. Using a personal computer is no longer necessary to incorporate content from multiple sources (of any media type) into a single scene. The HMP100’s greatest strength is its ability to handle a wide range of technologies through a single, compact box thanks to its extensive use of available technologies.

Look DS


LOOK DS is a global digital signage software development company with offices all over the globe. LOOK manufactures and sells its line of hardware digital signage players, in addition to its software solution. If all you need to do with your digital signage displays is show videos, photos, and dynamic material, then one of our best-selling models, the LOOK HD-2214, is a great, cost-effective option.

Similarly, the LOOK HD-2222 is a cutting-edge media player that can excel in even the most demanding digital signage environments. Look DS offers professional but affordable alternatives compared to SpinetiX, BrightSign, and Scala.


One of the first things you should consider when selecting a digital signage solution provider is whether or not you need only the software or hardware or want a whole turnkey package. Once you have the relevant information, you can choose a hardware digital signage manufacturer that meets your needs. Look DS is a reliable digital signage provider with some of the best players in the market. Pick your player now, and if you have questions, ask our sales team at your convenience.