If you work in event marketing, you know that Twitter is one of the crucial digital signage apps for the success of any event. However, setting up a Twitter feed takes just a few minutes and is a welcome relief when planning an event. You can set up a Twitter hashtag stream, moderate it, and share it with your event’s audience via digital displays, websites, and mobile applications in less than five minutes.

With Twitter live streams, you can encourage attendees to spread the word about your business and event by using a customized hashtag in their tweets. Also, using a hashtag encourages interaction among attendees online and at the event. You may organize surveys, have attendees email questions to speakers, and collect comments and suggestions for future events via the hashtag stream. This piece will cover live Twitter feeds on your digital signage and how to use them to your advantage.

Real-world applications of Twitter’s real-time updates

Let’s peek through some of the most impressive live instances of Twitter feeds.

Trade shows and conferences

You can participate in organizing trade events and conferences thanks to a real-time Twitter feed. They are among the most effective methods for businesses in various fields to meet potential customers and business associates. Conferences can be great places to learn about and discuss the most recent developments in your field and network with other professionals (typically via a common hashtag feed).

For instance, the sponsored wall at TEDx events is a great model for using Twitter at conferences. You encourage the audience to engage in conversations before, during, and after the event with an interactive feed that can be easily customized to fit the colors of the TEDx brand.

University graduation ceremonies

No college or institution wouldn’t throw a graduation party for its students and their loved ones to commemorate the momentous occasion. It’s also difficult to picture a modern graduation ceremony without a live social media stream. One such instance is the social wall at Harvard Kennedy School, which displays both Twitter and Instagram posts.

Sporting events

It’s very uncommon for parents to put up funds for months to take their kids to a big sporting event. The first Rose Bowl played in 1902 and since 1916, the yearly bowl continues to serve as a family tradition. The stadium’s TV displays showcase a spectacular, branded social media feed.

Festivals and concerts

Attending a festival or performance is generally done as a group activity. Not only in the real world but also in the virtual one via photos, videos, and “Stories” posted on different social media platforms.

Festival Republic, produces UK’s major music festivals using Twitter’s real-time stream to display audience reactions in real-time on concert screens. Festival Republic uses filtering technologies to ensure you show relevant tweets and instagram photos to the live audience throughout the event.

Virtual events

Several things went online during the pandemic and have stayed that way. There is no need for attendees to go nationwide for a virtual event, so that you can reach more people and form communities in virtual spaces. You can display tweets as part of your virtual event and get the message across.

Even before the pandemic, international organizations like the IMF had a virtual side to events. Their official IMFLive Twitter account provides timely updates and information about upcoming activities. Live Twitter feeds are a natural addition to their event sites, enabling anybody with an internet connection to watch the event and participate in the conversation as it unfolds.

Virtual events

Digital signs in the workplace and public areas

Digital screens and smart Televisions have become commonplace in today’s workplaces, but keeping them current with breaking news and promotions may be laborious.

That’s why several organizations, like Silicon Valley Bank, implement a Twitter feed on their digital signage displays. Thanks to fully automated systems, employees you can keep your guest up to date on the latest happenings without extra effort from the internal communications team.

How to play Live tweets on the screens using Look’s Twitter app

You may display information from famous social networking sites based on the hashtags you provide and any textual match. Here’s how to embed a Twitter feed:

  • Choose the Twitter app by going to the applications page.
  • Change the time between postings by entering a new value in the Duration box on the settings panel’s sidebar.
  • Choose a Post Search Algorithm: Name of user – displays a random selection of the most recent posts from that account; Hashtag – a cycling display of recently posted content based on a user’s choice of hashtags; Any – randomizes the most recent posts that match the query in any way;
  • For technical labels, choose a color scheme, text size, and language (such as a posting date);
  • Use the Add content button to include this item in the content list;
  • Now you can insert your Twitter feed into the playlist or in one of the screen areas. Besides, you can use it as a ticker running at the bottom of your screen, for example.

Vital aspects of a real-time Twitter feed

tweets on the screens using Look's Twitter app

You may have to include a few essentials in your real-time Twitter news feed.

Infinite designs with no restrictions on page views

It’s becoming uncommon for events to have a dedicated website and even a mobile app in addition to the ubiquitous digital billboards. You’ll need a variety of layouts without page view limitations to make your social feed compatible with all platforms.

Custom design and appearance

It may be necessary to tweak the logo for each screen at each event. A layout designer makes it simple for a group of event marketers to make adjustments without involving the technical department.

Live content updates

Your branded hashtag is used during the event; thus, the need to often update the Twitter wall to maintain interest.

Immediate support

You may not need much assistance following the above instructions to set up the live Twitter stream. However, having a live chat and phone number available can be useful in case of enquiries.

Dependable service for a big volume of content and page views

The platform’s ability to reliably get updates from social media networks and its capacity to manage traffic for layouts accessible across many digital displays are crucial considerations.

LOOK DS Twitter app makes it simple to show tweets, videos, photos, and feeds on digital sign screens. The Twitter app for digital signage allows you to filter tweets by hashtag, user name, or timeline and customize their display to show the exact content you desire.