It is still one of the most typical customer demands for digital signage software to be able to deploy a pre-made presentation rather than a playlist constructed from a variety of different images. It is particularly true for the business sphere, in which indicators and reporting are often drafted as presentations using ppt or pdf.

Using this application, you will have the capability to display directly on your digital displays any presentations that you have made or uploaded using your Google Slides account. Log in to your account inside the program settings, input the necessary presentation link, choose the length of time each slide will be aired, and then take pleasure in the outcome.

What are Google Slides?

Are you acquainted with the application known as Google Slides? Of course, you are! In addition, there’s a strong suspicion that you have fashioned your presentations using a template from Google Slides in the past. But can you say that you understand what it is and what it is used for? Here’s how you can use Google slides to your advantage:

· Make some stunning presentations

With Google slides, you can maintain coherence in your presentations with streamlined collaboration and editing in real-time. You can also build on one other’s ideas by using comments and delegating specific actions.

· Slideshows should be presented with assurance

Slides simplify the process of presenting your ideas by providing a user-friendly presenter view, speaker notes and live captions. You may also offer presentations during video chats with Google Meet by going straight into Slides.

· You get to connect without any difficulty to your other Google applications

Slides save you time by strategically integrating into other Google products you enjoy using. Embed charts taken from Google Sheets or respond to comments made on posts without leaving Gmail. You can also search for relevant material and photos from inside Slides searching the web and Google Drive.

· You can expand the scope of cooperation and intelligence to include PowerPoint files

You can effortlessly modify Microsoft PowerPoint presentations online without converting them, and you can layer on Slides’ additional collaborative and assistive capabilities such as comments, action items and Smart Compose.

·  Focus on creating new material

Everyone gets to work on the most recent version of a presentation simultaneously while using Slides. It is also simple to keep track of the modifications that have been made since they are automatically preserved in the version history.

creating new material

· Slideshows can be created more quickly, and intelligence is built right in

You can compose slides more quickly and with fewer mistakes with assistive tools like Smart Compose and autocorrect.

· You can continue to be productive even while not online

Even if you do not have an internet connection, you can still use Slides to view, create and modify presentations, which will help you remain productive no matter where you are.

So, there you have it. Google Slides are meant to make your work more comfortable. Whatever you have planned for your business, this application not only does it make your content look better but brings along much-needed simplicity. What’s more, you can save on cost with the slides.

That said, how can you use your Google slides? Here’s how it works:

Adding slides to Look Google Slides app and customizing it

1. Navigate to the Apps page and choose the Google Slides card to open the application. Add a link to the Google Slides presentation in the Link or ID box of the application settings panel that opens on the right-hand side when the panel is launched.

look apps

2. To see the presentations in the right format, check in with the Google account used to generate the display. To access your profile and sign in, choose the button.

3. Once the modal box has opened, either pick the Google account, you need to use or log in.

  • When you have finished authorizing the app, if you notice “This app isn’t validated,” click on the option “Advanced.”
  • After that, you will be asked to confirm your approval on each succeeding screen of the modal window. To go there, click the Go to button.

4. Specify the amount of time, in seconds that will elapse before the slides begin to change automatically by entering the needed amount into the Duration area. Adjust the settings so the function will automatically begin playing and continue after the slides have finished loading.

5. To add the app to your content list, go to the Content tab and click the Add content option.

Does Look DS software support ppt and pdf files?

It is not feasible to upload a presentation directly into the CMS. However, you may import it into your Google Slides account and then use the application that corresponds to your Google Slides account that is included in the Look service to transfer it to your displays.

Using Google Slides will make your presentations look great, and you can easily pass on any new information. Your business deserves to stand out, and with all the potential that Google Slides has, it should be easy to get on the right path. If you are hesitant about this choice, you can try the Look digital signage software for free before making a decision.