It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Christmas – to take advantage of your digital signage displays to draw in new and current customers with alluring deals. The beauty of digital signage is that it can be updated simply as a profile image on Facebook or as a further slide in a presentation. This flexibility is one of its most appealing features. You don’t even need to be in the same room as the screen in question for you to be able to delete old content or upload new material and have it go live immediately. Because of this, it is the perfect platform for running timely and relevant Christmas advertising that can be erased in a matter of seconds after the holiday has passed.

Why not spruce up your digital signage for the holiday season and make the most of your Christmas marketing initiatives by putting them on the large screen where everyone can see them?

The following suggestions will help you accomplish your goal quickly and easily.

1. Engaging audiences with innovative social walls displayed on digital signage

The display of social media material from different platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, amongst others, is one of the most effective content ideas for digital signage that can be used for Christmas marketing. You may require a social media aggregator program to get the material. These programs assist in aggregating user-generated information from social media networks (through hashtags, handles and other means) and then organize that content into a single feed known as the “Social Media Wall.”

For example, you can design a social wall for your campaign in real-time and customize it in various ways, including adding themes, backdrops, font colors and more, all while keeping in mind the joyous spirit of Christmas. This social wall will not only be able to engage a large audience, but it will also convert your loyal consumers into prospective in-store clients of your items. It is because loyal customers are more likely to try out new things. When planning your digital signage initiatives, remember to keep the spirit of Christmas alive and well.

Many review providers, such as Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, and Facebook Reviews, as well as others, make it possible for firms to compile real reviews using social media aggregator technologies. In a nutshell, use these genuine customer evaluations to demonstrate how your former and current clients have engaged with your company during the year. You may also show them what they can expect to get from you in the next year.

2. Holiday specials and promotions

There is no denying that the Christmas season is one of the busiest shopping times of the year, and there is no lack of people seeking a good deal. Utilizing digital signage to market any holiday discounts or specials that you are doing will allow you to reach this population more effectively.

Holiday specials

It works well for retail establishments that need to advertise a holiday campaign and restaurants that provide holiday-themed special meals over the holiday season.

Thanks to the screens, you can take rapid action and schedule items to be shown at the appropriate time and location. Develop visuals with text that provide the deal’s specifics, emphasizing numbers and the fact that it is only for a short time. A Christmas theme and a recognizable brand are both bonuses.

3. End-of-year reviews

You’re familiar with the year-end recap that Facebook and other platforms provide for its users. They are not the only people capable of doing it either. Utilize your screens to reevaluate your company’s core beliefs, purpose and distinguishing characteristics in light of any significant changes that may have occurred during the last year at your organization. It is quite easy to produce evaluations that include photographs, videos and other types of media assets by using a program like Google Slides or Microsoft Power Bi. These reviews can then be shared with your workplace community or clients. These evaluations are now popular and more relevant than ever at this time of year, making them excellent material for viewers to consume.

4. Bulletin boards

Use your digital signage effectively to display information pertinent to your audience over the holiday season. During the holiday season, medical facilities such as hospitals and veterinary clinics should post business hours, emergency contact numbers, and advice for personal care. It makes your content a lot more visible and important than it would be on a leaflet that no one will read, plus it’s sustainable, so it cuts down on the number of printed materials you need to produce.

You may keep workers engaged in workplaces by showing news about what is coming up in the New Year. It may even make them anxious to return to their desks, which is a bonus. Switch to Sky News or CNN if you’re searching for something more general; they could even have some upbeat stories once in a while if you want to see positive news for a change.

5. Image galleries

It would help if you constructed a narrative to forge a genuine connection with your clientele. It is particularly important during the holiday season, when, let’s face it, everyone is more receptive to the spirit of the season.

christmas mask

That may be accomplished very effectively via image galleries, which can then be added to the CMS when the relevant images are acquired. Initiate a stream of workplace party pictures to be shown when workers get up the following morning or share merry, philanthropic campaign photographs to increase traction. Displaying these pictures will help enhance traction.

The holiday season is an excellent time to take advantage of what makes digital signage such an effective type of marketing: campaigns that are timely, relevant, and can be published with just the press of a button. With these top 5 content ideas, you can ensure your digital signage is full of festive cheer. Whether showcasing your products and services, highlighting your upcoming events, or spreading holiday cheer, these content ideas will bring joy to your customers and employees. Let your Christmas digital signage be the beacon of light that sparks the holiday spirit!