When you own a restaurant, getting guests in the door should be your first concern, and to do so successfully, you need an original design. Food is the primary focus of a restaurant. As a result, you must need a menu list. When contemplating the designs, you need to consider them in a more original and imaginative way. When designing your menu boards, the most effective place to begin is by developing a solid marketing strategy that aligns with the rest of your business. As you generate content, you will have a much easier time coordinating all related activities thanks to this.

The most difficult challenge for people who operate their own companies is figuring out how to bring in new consumers. The first thing that strikes their interest is how they look. A one-of-a-kind and natural appearance are sure to win over the buyer. A similar line of reasoning may be applied to eating establishments. The proprietor is responsible for learning the most vital information about the design of the digital menu board.

However, why do the Menu Boards play such a significant part in the restaurant? Always be aware that a menu board is much more than simply a sign hanging on your wall, even if there are numerous ideas for designing a menu board that you may find online. It has the potential to be an effective method of marketing.

When new customers enter your diner, they will often interact with it immediately, making it one of the first components they see. Therefore, the design of the board that is displayed at your restaurant has the potential to be the Knight that helps you win the war of drawing clients.

The menu board is a crucial aspect of any restaurant. It not only displays the dishes and drinks that are available, but it also sets the tone for the overall dining experience. In today’s fast-paced and visually-driven world, the menu board has become an important marketing tool for restaurants to attract customers and increase sales. With that in mind, here are the top 7 menu board ideas for your restaurant in 2023:

1. Digital menu boards

One of the biggest trends in menu board design is digital menu boards. These electronic displays allow restaurants to easily update their menu items and prices and showcase mouth-watering images of their dishes.


Digital menu boards can also be programmed to display specials, promotions, and videos. They are also more eco-friendly than traditional paper menus, as they can be updated and reused repeatedly.

2. Interactive menu board ideas

Some restaurants take menu boards to the next level by incorporating interactive features. For example, some restaurants use QR codes on their menu boards, which customers can scan with their smartphones to access additional information about menu items. Another example is using touch screens for the menu. These interactive menu boards can also offer customers a more engaging and immersive experience.

3. Hand-drawn illustrations

Another trend in menu board design is the use of hand-drawn illustrations. These illustrations can create a unique and artistic look for your menu board and serve as a form of branding for your restaurant. This style is particularly well-suited for casual and family-friendly restaurants and can help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

4. Scrolling menu boards

In a busy restaurant, space is often at a premium, and a scrolling menu board can be a great solution. These menu boards feature multiple sections that can be scrolled through, allowing you to display many menu items in a smaller space. Scrolling menu boards are also a great option for restaurants that frequently change their menu offerings.

5. Backlit menu boards

Backlit menu boards are a visually striking way to showcase your menu items. They feature a light box behind the menu, which illuminates the menu items and makes them easier to read. Backlit menu boards are particularly effective in dimly lit environments, such as bars and lounges. They can also create a dramatic and attention-grabbing display for your restaurant.

6. Multi-language menu boards

With the world becoming increasingly globalized, restaurants must cater to customers from all backgrounds. One way to do this is by offering menu boards in multiple languages.

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It will help to make your menu more accessible to customers who may not be fluent in your restaurant’s primary language. It can also serve as a way to promote your restaurant to international customers.

7. Typography

In 2023, expect to see a renewed focus on typography in menu boards. Using unique and interesting fonts can help make your menu board stand out and grab customers’ attention. For example, a playful and whimsical font can work well for a children’s menu, while a more elegant font can be used for a fine dining menu.

The menu board is an important aspect of any restaurant, and it can be used as a marketing tool to attract customers and increase sales. With the right design and style, you can create a visually striking menu board that will set the tone for the overall dining experience. Your restaurant’s concept and target customers when choosing which ideas to implement and your menu board will be sure to make a lasting impression on your customers.

It is also worth noting that with the current environment, digital menu boards and touch screens for the menu can be a helpful solution to make your menu more accessible for takeout and delivery service. Another strategy to consider would be offering a digital version of your menu on your website and social media pages, as many customers prefer to view menus online before they visit a restaurant.

Remember that a great menu board design is only one aspect of running a successful restaurant. It is important to also focus on offering high-quality food and excellent service to ensure that customers keep coming back. With the right combination of menu board design and customer service, your restaurant will surely be a hit in 2023.