Many people invest considerable effort into maintaining a positive public perception of their company’s brand. Websites, social media, and storefronts are all excellent means of advertising your business to the public. Internal branding, however, is another matter entirely. How much effort do you put into displaying your identity and accomplishments inside your organization? Probably not as much as you should!

Many workplaces already have screens (or static signs), but they are often dull and incomprehensible to the individuals who see them. A beautiful front entrance can’t save a house with a rundown foyer. Digital signage inside the organization is equally as vital as external displays to reach all employees.

Thankfully, Lobby Digital Signage is a technology-based solution to help businesses efficiently and effectively reach their customers. You can quickly update customers on your services, products and promotions with it. Here are the top 7 reasons you should employ Lobby Digital Signage in your business. From its impressive ROI to its ability to be tailored to meet your needs, Lobby Digital Signage is the perfect tool for businesses of all sizes.

1. Retain your employees involved with your firm

Email, the corporate intranet, static posters, social media, and internal messaging are the most frequent methods of communicating with staff, as shown by marketing surveys. Only 22% of businesses utilize digital signage (or “Corporate TV”) to communicate with their employees. The audience for digital media in public spaces is larger than that of online or social media videos. The same can be true for internal usage, providing an advantage for your business in a field where it now stands alone. Lobby digital signage allows you to pass vital communication to your staff. It helps in keeping them connected and everyone on the same wavelength.

2. Enhance brand image

A digital sign in a lobby can serve as a visual representation of a company’s brand image and values. By displaying engaging and relevant content, digital signage can reinforce the brand’s message and create a positive first impression with visitors. For example, showing a company’s mission statement or showcasing its products and services can help visitors understand the business.

Digital signage in the lobby can also be used to promote the brand in a fun and interactive way. For instance, interactive displays can engage visitors with quizzes, games and other activities related to the company’s brand. This type of engagement not only provides a memorable experience for visitors but also serves to reinforce the brand’s message and values.

3. Provide information and direction

Another reason for employing digital lobby signage is that it can provide information and direction to visitors. For example, digital signage can display maps, directories, and wayfinding tools that help visitors navigate the building or organization. This type of information can be especially useful for first-time visitors or those unfamiliar with the layout of the building.

In addition, thanks to digital signage software, screens can display real-time updates and information, such as the weather, news and traffic updates. This information can help visitors plan their day and make informed decisions, making their visit more efficient and productive.


4. Improve communication and engagement

Digital signage in the lobby can also improve communication and engagement between the business or organization and its visitors. For example, digital displays can be used to display important announcements, such as changes in office hours, or to showcase upcoming events and promotions. This information can help visitors stay informed and engaged with the business, improving their overall experience.

In addition, digital signage can display real-time customer feedback and ratings, which can help improve customer satisfaction and build trust. This feedback can also help businesses identify areas for improvement and make necessary changes to enhance the customer experience.

5. Enhance aesthetics

Another key benefit of digital signage in the lobby is that it can enhance the aesthetics of the space. By incorporating high-quality and visually appealing displays, for example, video walls, businesses can create a modern and engaging atmosphere that accurately reflects their brand image.

Likewise, digital signage displays can showcase artwork and other visually appealing content, such as nature scenes, photographs, and graphics. This content can help create a more relaxing and inviting atmosphere, making visitors feel more at ease and comfortable during their visit.

6. Improve the business culture

To improve your firm’s bottom line, you should prioritize cultivating a positive workplace culture. You might think it’s only relevant to Silicon Valley startups. Still, it has a lasting impact on any organization willing to adopt it due to the correlations between employee satisfaction and output and the positive correlations between effective communication and high levels of employee engagement.

There are many digital signage alternatives to choose from when you want to highlight your company’s culture. From social media dashboards and company intranets to YouTube playlists documenting team outings, your screen display makes it all possible. Making workers feel like they are part of a supportive community at work may be as simple as sending out a humorous birthday card or announcing the arrival of a new office puppy.


7. Increased flexibility

Digital signage in the lobby also offers more flexibility than traditional signage methods. For example, digital displays can be easily updated and modified to reflect changes in the business or organization, such as new products or services. They can also be programmed to display different content at different times of the day, allowing companies to reach their target audience and communicate important messages effectively. This flexibility can help businesses stay relevant and up-to-date, improving their overall effectiveness and efficiency.

When an employee enters their workplace, the first thing they see is usually the lobby or reception area. They are the first thing clients, customers, and prospective workers see when they enter the door, and first impressions are crucial. There is a lot of potential in them, but only around 12% of businesses are capitalizing on them now. Going digital and investing in effective internal communications that truly accomplish objectives and make employees happy may make all the difference.