Maintaining effective lines of communication with staff is crucial to creating a happy and productive workplace. Low engagement and poor communication among workers cost the global economy some $7.8 trillion a year, according to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace 2022 Study.

One of your primary duties as a company manager or human resources professional is to foster an environment where employees feel comfortable speaking out and sharing ideas. Thankfully, there are methods you may apply to enhance communication with staff. The following are seven suggestions for fostering more fruitful internal communications with staff.

1. Show business statistics and graphs

Sometimes showing data visually via charts and graphs may pique the attention of those within your firm. You may easily and persuasively engage your employees with your data by displaying graphs and statistics on your office digital signage.

In addition, it can increase the trust and high rapport of your company’s most important individuals, like workers, stakeholders and financiers, by making more accurate data available to them. Moreover, when you use cloud-based digital signage, you can make real-time updates to the content on your screens. It greatly assists you in fostering a feeling of responsibility in the workers’ minds as contributors to the data.

2. Set up a safe space

Employees are more likely to have a good mood and openly discuss problems when they perceive their work environment as keen on addressing their needs and value their input. Team members should be bold and speak out if there is anything about which they are unsure or with which they are uncomfortable. Productivity and morale can suffer if you fail to address communication problems.

However, human resources and management must pay attention to employees’ concerns, validate them, and act on them. It’s important to address this, even if there is no way forward, so no one feels forgotten. Workers who express dissatisfaction but see no action taken are more likely to be dissatisfied than those who keep it to themselves.

The following are some suggestions for promoting effective communications in the workplace:

  • Initiate consistent review meetings

Let your employees know how much you appreciate them, talk to them about moving forward in the firm, and give them constructive criticism to help them improve.

  • Encourage employees to ask questions

Make an effort to foster an atmosphere where individuals feel comfortable asking questions without fear of ridicule. Everyone in your company should be open to new ideas and eager to offer their own to foster an environment where everyone can grow professionally and personally.

  • Encourage two-way communication

Management and human resources should also be receptive to suggestions from employees. Let it be known that you like hearing people’s feedback and point of view. You can help them be more productive and happy at work by listening to what they say.

3. Use technology to enhance communication

Modern technological advancements continue to alter business discourse. Smooth communication and increased employee engagement result from carefully selecting the correct platforms and solutions. With the correct online communication tools, you can foster an open and communicative work environment that encourages teamwork and increases efficiency and effectiveness. When maintaining contact with dispersed workforces, workplace technology will be very helpful in facilitating successful communication.

4. Show the sales and market dashboard

market dashboard

Displaying the company’s current sales and analytics using corporate digital signage may help link workers and core members with marketing objectives. Displaying your company’s current market share and performance might assist you in communicating to your core employees how close or distant you are from reaching the sales and revenue targets set by upper management and the corporate leader.

5. Use time well

Coffee breaks can be a great way to keep the team spirit up and let people mingle and get to know one another. The best approach to strengthen lines of communication is via team building exercises. You can hold meetings and conversations more casually during coffee breaks. It fosters open lines of communication among workers and facilitates the sharing of ideas. Let your staff take coffee breaks simultaneously to foster camaraderie and problem-solving. You encourage the staff to talk about work and conversational topics. Therefore, coffee may keep you perky all day but can also help you get things done since it encourages casual discussion.

6. Create a good workplace culture

If the atmosphere at work is good, workers can flourish and develop their abilities to their fullest. Businesses should foster an environment that encourages workers to assist one another rather than focusing only on their tasks.

Encouraging and supporting your workers can help entrench your company’s mission and values and stoke open and productive communication. Also, rather than moping about and avoiding responsibility, they can try to find answers to difficulties and boost productivity.

good workplace

Failure to address problems at the workplace can lead to a hostile work environment where bad words spread like wildfire. As a result, individuals are more likely to dwell on the bad, which can reduce their output.

The following are some tools for employee engagement best practices:

  • Team building exercises.
  • Office recreation area.
  • Regular HR meetings.
  • Collaborative tasks.
  • Mentoring and coaching within the company.

7. Employ a mobile-first strategy

It’s no surprise that smartphones are the primary contact for the mobile-savvy members of Generation Z, who now make up more than 40 percent of the modern workforce. It’s simpler than ever to contact your staff using their cellphones, whether to send a quick text or update them on a schedule change.

Integrated messaging into workforce management systems can streamline employee communications by ensuring no messages go unread. Management may notify employees immediately via their chosen digital communication channel through direct message or email.


The success of every company is directly proportional to the quality of its communication. Although most businesses emphasize customer service, few pay equal attention to internal communications. Organizations should foster an atmosphere where employees feel comfortable speaking up about problems and sharing information about their work and the procedures they oversee. Improving employee communication in the workplace is the most effective way to create a happy, productive workplace. If employee communications are important to you, Look Digital Signage service would be a reliable solution, especially for digital signage corporate communication.