Digital signage widgets are the building blocks of dynamic, interactive digital signage content. These small yet powerful tools provide various applications, from showcasing real-time weather updates and news feeds to displaying social media posts and product promotions. Whether you’re a small business looking to attract customers or a large corporation looking to communicate with employees, digital signage widgets offer a cost-effective and versatile solution. However, in the Look service, for instance, these widgets are called digital signage apps.

Below is how you can use these apps to enhance your digital signage experience and improve your overall communication strategy. So, sit back and get ready to discover the endless possibilities of digital signage widgets!


Not without good reason does the weather report rank among the most popular forms of dynamic information for digital signs. Because everyone is always fascinated about the weather, it’s an adaptable content item for practically any company, and it helps you make your info channel more valuable for your audience.

This program will show you the weather prediction for the next six days in a predetermined area of your screen. There is also a manual geolocation option in the app’s preferences if you need it. That’s right; it can be updated instantly. Therefore, you must create a single content item to guarantee that your digital signage always provides the most recent weather information.


Youtube may be your only viable option when deciding what to show on your displays and where to rapidly get the amazing videos that will undoubtedly appeal to and attract your target audience. You must know that you can get pretty much everything there. Please copy the necessary URL and put it into the relevant field of the program settings to take anything from Youtube and transfer it directly to your displays utilizing our application. It might be a single video, a channel, or a playlist. When you find anything you like, add it to your playlist and choose the playback time to suit your needs. That’s a no-brainer. Remember that you’ll need a constant and fast internet connection if you want your live broadcast to be seen by as many people as possible.

Flight Schedule

Those who work in the hospitality sector and rely on digital sign displays to provide visitors with important information will benefit greatly from this fantastic tool. This tool might become an essential supplement to your regular broadcast if you manage a hotel or a bar near the airport.

Select the desired airport from the app’s settings, and then pick whether to see all flights or only departures, for instance. To see the most up-to-date flight times, activate dynamic animation. You may now embed this material into a full-screen Playlist or use our Layouts tool to set this timetable in one of your screen sections.


News Headlines

Incorporate breaking news into your display without interrupting your programming. Several options, from US News and Business to Entertainment and Sports, are available in this modifiable widget. A picture and a headline summarizing recent events are shown on the screen. You can access different apps for news, including CNN News, BBC News, and Euronews Live.


Twitter app is much more than simply a social network at this point. Anyone, from A-listers to regular folks, may use this forum to have their voice heard on any topic of their choosing. Regarding digital billboards, now is a great time to provide insightful commentary on current events. Send tweets from your channel straight to your digital displays, or choose any additional channels or hashtags as content sources as needed. You may select the length of a single tweet and the number of tweets sent in a certain period. Layout designers allow you to drop your new material into the screen’s footer for a sleek, customized ticker.

Google Slides

It is still one of the most requested features of digital signage software that users can upload pre-made presentations instead of a playlist made up of individual photos. It is likely most true in business, where indicators and reporting are often created as PowerPoint or pdf slideshows.

If you have a Google Slides account, you may use this software to display any presentations you’ve made or uploaded there directly on your electronic displays. Log in to your account inside the app’s settings, paste in the URL for the presentation in question, specify the time limit for a broadcast of a single slide, and enjoy the results.


It has been clear in recent years that digital displays that play commercial material draw significantly less attention from the audience than screens on which advertising alternate with some useful information, such as news feeds, weather channels, entertaining channels, and so on. RSS allows you to populate your digital signage with dynamic feeds on a broad range of themes, from niche news feeds (such as health or education) to, perhaps, humorous articles. If you want to make your feed, all you have to do is copy an RSS link, paste it into the app’s settings, choose the text size, theme color, and the amount of time each slide will be shown


You’ve probably heard of Instagram. There are now over 1 billion members on this platform, making it one of the world’s most popular social media platforms. But the issue remains: Why do I require Instagram on my digital signage? As for a solution, it’s a piece of cake. In today’s modern world, most individuals prefer and are prepared to receive news through Instagram. The product is presented in a manner relatively recognizable to the target audience if the official company page is used as a content source. Select an account or tag to broadcast from, set the time each post is broadcast for, and choose whether you want to show the entire post, including text, likes, comments or just a picture.


Embeddable code

You can make your digital signage software more dynamic by integrating third-party apps like Instagram, Twitter, the weather and more. However, you may improve this situation significantly by not restricting yourself to this particular group of options.

With the Embeddable code app, you can easily bring any publicly accessible web page or widget to your devices. Let’s imagine you want to embed a Google map into one of your screen regions, or you’ve fallen in love with the weather widget on one of the online weather channels. All you have to do is cut and paste the public iframe code into the corresponding area in the app’s configuration settings. Once you’ve confirmed that the material is shown correctly in the preview window, you can easily share it on your screen with just a few clicks.

Digital signage widgets are a powerful tool for businesses to reach customers in the digital world. Through the use of these widgets, businesses can create engaging content that can be used to inform, influence and interact with customers. From in-store displays to interactive kiosks, digital signage widgets offer companies a range of creative and effective ways to engage their customers.