Digital Signage offers a diverse variety of models available in a range of Free-Standing Kiosk including stores, and public displays

  1. Ultra HD
  2. Water and Dust Resistant with IP65
  3. Up to 9500 NITS Brightness
  4. Customizable Size Variations
  5. Up to 11 Years Working Life
  6. High Refresh Rate
  7. Multiple Installation Structure for Every Site
  8. Different Pixel Pitch
  9. Low Power Consumption


Clear Vision, Great Decision

Digital Signage’s digital screen board offers a truly seamless display and maximizes every content delivery with greater clarity to lead smarter meetings and drive smarter decisions. Striking visuals of vibrant lifelike colours and imagery on a large Free-Standing Kiosk offers a truly captivating experience that inspires and move the viewers. To top that, we provide excellent colour expression and embedded surface sound to enable high impact presentations with uncompromised balance and precision.

We make an Outdoor Digital Kiosk with an advanced multimedia system that allows it to present information accurately. An industrial-type protection system protects both the professional LCD screen and the electronics against the most demanding environments.

Its use has become popular in creating official and commercial advertising and communication strategies worldwide.

With this product it will be possible for you to efficiently reach your potential customers in areas with high pedestrian traffic. Our outdoor advertising kiosks are designed to work 24/7 and be updated from the cloud via Wi-fi or 4G connection (optional).

This type of Outdoor Digital Kiosks are made with high-brightness LCD screens that provide a correct display of the contents in outdoor spaces. Even in direct sunlight.

They also have patented industrial ventilation systems or optional air conditioning. You will always have content management in the cloud with a license included for life.

Free-Standing Kiosk