Outdoor Slim Kiosk has the slimmest structure and protection against the most challenging environments

High brightness LED-backlit LCD.

It can reach 2,000, 3,000 and 4,000 nits.

Bright and vivid colour LCD.

It has a high-quality image in Full HD and 4K resolution.

Android 7.1 or Windows system is optional.

Optional multi-touch interactive screen.

The kiosk has a quick startup in low-temperature environments.

Patented high efficient heat dissipation device

Alarm system for opening a processing unit without authorisation.

2GB, 4GB and 8GB DDR3 RAM.

6mm imported glass. High sensitivity, infrared thermal insulation, ultraviolet filter and thermal barrier.


Outdoor Slim Kiosk has the slimmest structure and protection against the most challenging environments.

We create a slim digital signage kiosk with an ultra-thin design and high brightness LCD screen. It is unique in Dubaí and the whole Middle East.

Digital kiosks for professional use with dozens of projects finished worldwide and thousands of units currently in operation.

Start your Digital Signage project at the best prices. We have the ultimate technology in interactive kiosks, with up to 4,000 nits and IP55 protection against dust and high temperatures.

Our Advertising Kiosk has the best prices in the United Arab Emirates.

Perfect projects for a Slim Exterior Kiosk

Learn about the most popular projects for the outdoor digital slim kiosk, which, thanks to its design, improves the use of spaces.

Interactive Kiosk for Smart Cities

Interactive kiosks are ideal for cities that seek to inform people innovatively. You can create fantastic digitisation projects for the towns and cities with the intelligent customisation possibilities of the new Slim Kiosk.

Connect people with points of interest, events and the history of your community through the Outdoor Slim Kiosk.

Commercial Exhibitions and Shopping Malls

With the Outdoor Slim Kiosk, you can create interactive spaces in outdoor commercial spaces.

Thanks to the high-brightness screen, people can now see the content you’ve created in the presence of sunlight. Thanks to the adjustable brightness of up to 4,000 nits of the LCD screen.

Signalling systems in transports

Our Outdoor Slim Kiosk has been manufactured to work in an integrated way with the information and advertising systems in outdoor environments in maritime, land and air transport stations.

You can create projects with the best technology, the most advanced functionalities, stylised design, and screens with high brightness of up to 4,000 nits.

We manufacture Digital Kiosks with the best prices in Dubai, Qatar and the Middle East directly from our factory in Shenzhen.

Characteristics of the Outdoor Slim Kiosk

  1. Even in the most extreme sunlight, content is unmistakable thanks to the high brightness LCD screen of up to 4000 nits.
  2. High protection design protects against outside dust. The IP55 protection makes the Advertising Kiosk suitable for any outdoor environment in the United Arab Emirates.
  3. The LCD glass was designed with an anti-reflective coating, increasing brightness and reducing light reflection.
  4. The Interactive Kiosk for advertising is plug&play without needing a specialised technician. The player can be turned on automatically.
  5. The Digital Kiosk system automatically sets the fan speed, so the internal temperature maintains a stable working environment regardless of the outside temperature.
  6. The heat dissipation effect of the Advertising Kiosk is better than the old steel structures. This kiosk is resistant to corrosion and rust.


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