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Signonix can provide custom solutions that perfectly cater to the needs of your industry and applications. Industries that often use digital signage include but are not limited to the following.

Our solutions are widely used in:

Large shopping malls, hospitals, schools, apartments, chain stores, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants,office buildings, cinemas, gyms, clubs, subway, airport, exhibition hall, etc.

What we do

We offer a wide range of digital signage solutions, including customizable services to meet the specific requirements and demands of our clients. Our digital signage products are designed to provide exceptional quality, including digital signage software, displays, interactive touch screens, content creation, advertising, and hardware such as video walls and players. Our commitment to delivering outstanding service is unwavering, and we strive to remain at the forefront of the industry by constantly improving our technology and networks. As a leading digital signage provider, we work with companies worldwide to deliver the best possible digital signage services. Whether you need interactive displays or tailored solutions for your business, we have the expertise and experience to help you succeed.

Add value to patients and their relatives by displaying useful healthcare information with the Signonix hospital digital signage. You can see high return business rates when you use our signage at your clinic, hospital, or infirmary.

Take your guests to experience to the next level with Signonix hotel digital signage and increase your business revenue. Signonix LCD products are versatile enough for resorts, cruise lines, movie theaters, and other establishments.

Entice potential diners to your business establishment to enhance your profit margins with Signonix indoor and outdoor digital signage and advertising display. From restaurants, coffee houses, to pizza shops, our products have multiple applications.

lace a spotlight on your hottest products to increase revenue sales by utilizing Signonix LCD signage. Whether you are running a department store or specialty shop, Signonix products are flexible to meet your goals.

Enhance passenger experience by providing transportation schedules and other useful data through Signonix digital signage screen. Drive customer trust for your airport, bus stations, and other establishments with our product.

Improve staff engagement to drive morale and increase productivity with the help of Signonix digital interactive signage. You can utilize Signonix displays in conference centers, offices, exhibitions, and other similar establishments.

Increase student engagement and their curricular experience to drive return enrollment with Signonix digital signage monitor. From schools to universities, Signonix signage is versatile enough for any educational establishment.

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Maximizing Your Reach: Expert Strategies for Rich Media Content Distribution.

Indoor Digital Signage

Free Standing, Video Wall, Wall Mounted,Vertical.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Free Standing, Video Wall, Wall Mounted,Vertical.
Semi-Outdoor Digital Signage

Semi-Outdoor Digital Signage

Free Standing, Video Wall, Wall Mounted,Vertical.

Unveiling the Benefits and Features of Products.

Covering Your Needs: Indoor and Outdoor Options Available.


Automatic Temperature Control

Automatic Brightness


Landscape or Portrait Installation


Control System

Content Management

Seamless Display: Experience Certified Quality at Its Best

First-Grade Components

International Quality Standards: Our Digital Signage Components Sourced from LG and Samsung.

Laboratory Testing

Ensuring Outstanding Performance and Durability: In-House Testing of Finished Products.

Product Certifications

Certified Quality: Our Products Meet CE,  RoHs, FCC, SAA .


Best & Leading Manufacturer

Signonix: Your Trusted ISO-9001 Certified Manufacturer for Quality Market Output.

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Signonix Digital Signage is one of the leading digital signage companies, specializing in manufacturing LED and LCD advertising displays. Our company has a broad portfolio of digital signage products available in various sizes, technologies, and features with excellent properties such as waterproof protection, high-temperature resistance, interactivity and high brightness.